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This painting, the latest from my RISE collection, can be yours! Just click the link below and donate! You get 1 chance for every $50 you donate to CRUSH CANCER! 100% of all the money raised goes straight to the charity!

So many of us have been touched by cancer in one way or another. I lost my father; my daughter lost her father; a couple of years ago I lost one of my very best friends of 30 years… So, in memory of them and in CELEBRATION of a very close friend who was diagnosed last year… who is now a SURVIVOR… RISE!

Thank you so much for caring, giving and sharing! (Sorry for the silent video… for some reason it just refused to work) Hope you enjoy this little snippet of the 30 hours that went into this painting!



You’re not seeing double… this is how amazing my giclees and prints look!  It’s hard to tell the difference between the original and the giclee.  Why am I telling you this???

I don’t even know how to express myself right now.  Some of you will think, “What’s the big deal?”  Some of you won’t care at all.  But I know there’s a lot of you who will totally get just how freakin hard it was for me to FINALLY OPEN AN ONLINE SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the love of God, short of having surgery or delivering a baby in the back seat of a cab,  in the middle of the desert… in a foreign country… this was the worst torture! I’m not stupid or illiterate… but I am NOT savvy in the technical department.  And the ads that say, “It’s easy”!  Lies!  All lies!  Seriously…  I’m not going to walk you through it or relive the craziness.  Cause I’m too excited to get on with the good stuff!

ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE… THERE’S A BUTTON THAT SAYS “SHOP”!  Click it!  And keep an eye out… there’s more to come!  I have a ton of paintings to add… but there’s a lot already up and ready to order!



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SAVE ME From Myself


Finally getting some time to work on my site.  I’ve been so busy painting and working on design… this area has been neglected.  I’ll be working on new photos and articles regularly… Meanwhile enjoy my Instagram and Facebook pages… just click above.



20376191_1571945682880776_298385695779606067_nSoooo… in an effort to clean up my site and get back to work… post some new art… I ERASED MY ENTIRE MEDIA LIBRARY!!!!!!!!  Who knew it would erase the photos from my posts?  Clearly not me!  So please be patient and give me some time to get it back together… MEANWHILE… enjoy the INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK TABS above to keep up with latest work.