Red Feathered Nest has been one of my fave secret spots for years. It’s where I’ve scored a ton of killer pieces for myself and for clients. They’re super supportive of local artists and are hosting POP UP SHOPS. I’m excited to be the first for 2017! Please come hang out with me and check out this cool shoppe in the village. You won’t be sorry… I promise!

Late Nights


My super long earrings {which can be cut to shorten} … I love making them and wearing them.  I couldn’t bear the thought of putting my jewelry on “stock” retail cards though.  So I stayed up til the wee hours and painted my own cards.  Working on the bracelet and necklace ones as we speak…. in between client design jobs and the other crazy Christmastime obligations!

Please email me at if you have questions or want to place an order.

And There She Is!


There are not enough hours in the day! Up before the sun. Being the #squarrel that I am with several projects scattered perfectly through the studio and spilling into a great part of the house. This woman is in my head. She started as a photograph, became a drawing, has been made into a stencil for a graffiti job and now she’s becoming a painting. Jewel line needs work and casting. Clothing line is staring at me…. but #thisgirl #dedication #motivation #artist #fashion #graffiti #tattoo #studio #details #love #paynesgrey #watercolor #colour

Are You Kidding Me, God?


Circles?  Are you kidding me, God?  So after a very productive morning and feeling of accomplishment yesterday… somewhere around 3pm I no longer had talent, inspiration or any idea of what it is I’m supposed to be doing with my life!  I hate it when this happens!  I literally felt paralyzed and totally numb. I may or may have not screamed and had a tear or two.  I needed an answer.  I needed a sign.  Inspiration!  I needed to get out of this funk.  After a few hours of dark blankness, I decided to stick to my regimen of daily doses of color and paint on paper.  I pulled out my Italian, rich yummy paper and my fave watercolors and I started doodling.  I did this for hours.  I poured a glass of wine and thought about all the normal questions.  I talked to God… as I often do throughout the day… out loud… like he’s sitting next to me in the “real”…  And mind you, I have no fear to get a little testy and cranky with Him.  In a respectful way of course!  And sometimes I may slip and drop an Eff Bomb while I’m venting or asking… and then I have to stop that prayer and ask forgiveness for the bomb… and then pick back up with the other prayer.  I know I’m exhausting to Him, as well as myself.  And others. And yeah, some people may think I’m a certifiable Jesus freak who smokes too much weed (I don’t… although if it becomes legal…).  But come on, I wear Chanel with Vans and I’ve got a Jesus tattoo… clearly I’m not cut from the “normal” cloth.


Back to the “circles”.  I woke up this morning determined to stay the course, whatever that may be.  I thought about the fast I’m doing with my church… Day 14! And until yesterday afternoon I have felt such clarity and focus. It’s the first time I’ve ever done a fast like this.  I thought maybe that’s what’s going on with me.  Nope… So as I’m walking out to my studio I literally see this circle… painted with an ink like fashion and a spear or drippy thing coming from it on a piece of paper.  I sat down and I felt this innate urge to paint this circle… 3 of them.  Made no sense at all.  So after a few stubborn minutes of thinking it could be some mean voice from the dark side tricking me into painting some stupid circles so that I could feel lost again and wonder WTH I’m doing… I got out a fresh sheet of my luxe, thick paper and drew 3 circles.  I wondered is this some weird psycho crap because I love the number 3… is it because I have a flat tire (yesterday afternoon’s gift) and I only have 3 good ones?  Is it because I always have done things in 3s because of me and my 2 daughters?  As the brush hit the paper and I made a few strokes… it hit me like a big A train!  Holy crap, I heard you, Jesus! And just like that… as I finished the painting… I knew that everything I have been working on… all three mediums and projects… ARE ON POINT!  These circles were not just a confirmation.  They are literally the missing link, the exact design of the thing I wanted to bring the projects together and unify them.  Un-freakin-believable! So the moral of this story is don’t stop.  Don’t get discouraged and don’t underestimate meditation and the power that believing can bring.  God doesn’t plant seeds in your heart and give you dreams without giving you the talent to achieve them.  Oh… and by the way…. That piece of paper I swore I saw and had painted and walked by… didn’t exist yet.  Had never previously done it.  It was nowhere to be found.   100% VISION Baby!


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Show and Tell


So excited to be representin’ for Ladies Night in the ViBe District for First Friday! Come out, say hi and check the first batch of jewelry for the season. It’s a little more edgy than my normal.  I had a lot of fun mixing the old, the new and the found.  Leather fringe, mixed metal chains…

There’s huge art installation….   ContraVan and Aidan Jewelry  alongside in the courtyard, next to the gardens at Esoteric.  4 til gone! (Should be a late night)






Someone once said to me… “One day you’ll figure out what you’re supposed to do.”  This comment came after a passionate rant {referred to as my “flight of ideas” in the family} about several ideas I had and new things I wanted to create.  I laughed.  I can’t just do one thing.  EVER.

I’ve been designing and sketching my entire life.  If you were to ask the thousands of people whose paths I’ve crossed during the last decade, what my biggest passion is, they would say Interior Design and Architecture.  Understandable, but inaccurate.   If you were to ask the majority of my circle of friends and social aquatints, they’d say art and painting.  True, but incomplete.  And considering the fact that a huge chunk of my life has been spent in a studio, where my attire has been described as “homeless chic”, I doubt any of them would ever guess that one of my biggest obsessions is fashion.  But it is!

The moment has finally come… I AM FREE to do whatever the heck I choose.  It’s a little scary, but so freakin exciting!  After closing the “big house” and taking a 3 month sabbatical, I’ve spent the last 60 days reorganizing and refocusing.  My old business ventures in the creative world have been put to rest. Simply, have just “let it go”.

This freedom to choose my passion over “pleasing the masses” in the retail world will be a little shocking to most.  I’m more than ok with that!  The hardest part for me right now is the waiting game.  I’m ruthlessly obsessive about the details and the end product.  I have gone deeper than ever before.  I’m taking the projects I’ve been dreaming about over the past decade to a whole new level.  Fabrication and castings for my jewelry line are almost complete; the final stages of my first clothing pieces are coming together; my canvases are anxiously waiting for all my sketches to come to life. { Why can’t this stuff just happen overnight?}

Meanwhile, in between all that… I’m still producing my original jewelry pieces created from “the found”  for November and December shows.  Event schedule should be posted later today.  My 6th Annual Gift Event is happening in The ViBe District VB.  Super stoked to be back on the scene.  I miss you guys.  Come see me at Esoteric this First Friday ViBe for a little SHOW AND TELL.  I’ll be selling this season’s first batch and sharing a couple of pieces that are a glimpse of what’s to come! 

Urban | Farmhouse | Traditional


October 20th, 25th and 27th from 1pm til 3pm or 6pm til 8pm The classes run for 2.5 hours sometimes, depending on questions and class size.

Classes are $95 per person and are all inclusive. Groups of 4 recieve $15 off {$80 each}

The next few months are pretty tight with upcoming shows and events. I had to work hard to squeeze in these 3 days.

If you want to take a class, simply message me your email address and I will send you a paypal invoice. If you are booking a group of 4 and want the discount of $15 off each person. Please send one email with all 4 names and email addresses.

Also if you’d like to book a November or December class and have a specific date, please let me know and I will try my best to accommodate. I will also come to you for a private class of 4 or more for an additional fee, depending on location and number in your party.

The classes are held in my home or studio on the property. I do not publish my address for obvious reasons. My home is in Old Beach at the Oceanfront, VB. Once you’ve booked your class and we are on a private message, I will gladly give you the street and number. Cancelations made 24 or more hours before your class will be credited for another date.

Thank you and please feel free to ask questions.

Inspiration via Pinterest

Back Burner


For the first time in years I’m actually getting to do so many things that I’ve dreamed about for quite a while.  I’m a person who is constantly creating in my head; who has 14k Pins and literally eats, drinks and sleeps design / art…  and not being able to produce due to the responsibilities of owning a huge retail space has been torture!

I can’t wait to share what I’m doing in this photo.  It’s gonna be fun and it’s not just for me!  It’s for OUR entire community!  For those of you who know me personally and professionally, you are aware of my passion for “cultivating OUR community” through group art projects, events, shows and the one I’m most noted for… FIRST FRIDAY VIBE!

There was speculation after I closed my retail space, I’d be so caught up in my new found freedom that I would leave FFV behind and disappear. LOL… NOT!  Keep in mind, I don’t get paid for it, I pay to do it.  Through time and money.  Why?  Because it’s one of my greatest passions.  I love my town.  I love my people.  I love promoting and supporting others.

I can’t wait for this REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September Classes


FALL CLASSES BEGIN! I’m kicking off the new season with FURNITURE 101 as promised. October will feature…. See my article on …. All you have to do is send me an EMAIL to or MESSAGE me with the date and time you want to attend. You MUST HAVE a Pay-Pal account associated with the email address. I will send you an INVOICE THROUGH PAY-PAL. As soon as you pay… the slot is yours {about 2 hours each}. Classes are limited, so it’s on a FIRST COME basis with a COMPLETED invoice.

EACH MONTH IS AN EVENT, listed on both CREATIVELABVB.COM and “CHARTREUSE re-defined” on FACEBOOK. CLICK on the “EVENTS” on either site and WAH-LAAAAA!

Thursday, September 15th at 11am  SOLD OUT
Tuesday, September 20th at 6pm  SOLD OUT
Thursday, September 22nd at 11am  SOLD OUT
Tuesday, September 27th at 6pm  SOLD OUT
Thursday, September 29th at 11am  SOLD OUT

OCTOBER SCHEDULE WILL POST 9/25/16  Thank you so much for the support!

$95 {all inclusive}  I have everything you need and you will leave with a great piece!

See article on October at



I’m excited to give you a teaser for October’s new workshop! This “Insider’s Guide” for Buying, Re-Furbing and Selling is NOT a cheat-sheet revealing all the secret spots and relationships that have taken years for those of us in the biz to acquire. I have the utmost respect for those who have helped me and grown alongside… so I would never just hand over years of hard work. Besides, it’s part of the journey. Discovering your own.

WHAT I AM DOING: After years of questions and emails, giving and receiving advise… I’ve finally discovered a way I can help you learn how to buy wisely; teach you the ABCs of refurbishing; and direct you to the right venues to sell your pieces. I’ve learned a lot over the past few {many} years. I’ve made a ton of mistakes. I’ve failed and I’ve succeeded. MOST IMPORTANTLY… I’ve never quit. READ “WHAT I’VE GAINED” on the site… It’s my inspiration for this workshop! Stay connected for more details and pricing and look for OCTOBER EVENT with schedule.