LAUNCH KIT: CONCEPT & THEORY {making original art affordable}

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and finally have the time {not really… just taking the time} to throw it out there.

I’m an artist who enjoys buying other people’s art. I’ve always loved original pieces. I own 3 prints. That’s it. One is from a painter in London, who’s original had already sold and I knew the quality of the paper and print would be at the highest, archival level. The second is a cool canvas from a local. It’s a killer piece by Danielle Eckhardt. My fave print was purchased here in VB… Lisa Ashinoff’s famous Wave. The original is out of my current budget. But I do not think it’s priced too high at all. I found myself drawn to the painting… over and over. So I finally decided I would get a signed print… also on high quality paper and professionally framed. {I’m actually having some of my work printed for the first time.}

My home, my closets and storage is filled with original art. I love them all and change them out frequently depending on my mood, time of year, etc. My pieces range from $10 to $10K! Seriously! I’ve bought a few of my cherished pieces from vintage shops. But most pieces I own were purchased straight from the artist. It’s that connection. Hearing the story. Feeling like you’re a part of that experience.

That feeling occurs with almost everyone I talk to, after noticing their interest in my work. And people purchase. Some without a second thought in regard to price; while others may need to wait. But more often than not… a purchase is not completed due to price. Not because they think the price is too high… it’s simply because of budget. I know that feeling all to well.

This past weekend at the WOMEN WHO CREATE show I produced and participated in, I experienced the same issue. Let’s get something straight though… I work really hard and I buy super, high-end supplies. I spend hours and hours on my craft and I don’t apologize for my large pieces that sell for hundreds and even thousands. WITH THAT BEING SAID… I also think everyone should have original art in their life if they desire. So how do you make that happen without lowering standards, quality, passion and disregarding the retail and gallery market… ? And as an artist, you can’t cheapen yourself or you’ll never be taken seriously again. And those who’ve purchased your higher priced work will feel duped!

MY SOLUTION: I am always creating small versions of ideas for larger pieces. I used to toss them all. A neighbor recently caught me throwing out a pile of these small paintings… and kind of had a fit! It was pretty funny. But it made me stop and think. I really love creating small paintings almost as much as the larger ones. So what if I didn’t use scrap pieces and what if I treated these little paintings with the same respect I do the larger ones? They don’t take as long or use much product. So if I’m creating with the same level of integrity… then I can sell them at a reasonably affordable price!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you may be thinking I’ve lost my mind… But when a young couple; a first-time home buyer; a teenager; a passionate lover of art who wants to collect… but can’t… That’s heartbreaking to me. I WANT MY ART in the HOMES of people who LOVE IT! Pure and Simple. So in addition to the larger paintings I produce…. With these youngsters and budget conscience clients in mind… I introduce your LAUNCH KIT! Keep your eye out… it’s happening now… in the studio!

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