Perfect Saturday…

Here’s today’s loot….

Today started out early as usual.  One of my dearest friends had suggested this nice neighborhood community yard sale….   We meet…. we go…. we get disappointed…..  It’s amazing how someone can live in a million dollar house and have crap! LOL!  I’m serious…..  If you can’t afford to have nice things in the house of your dreams (or the house that will impress people)…. and you’re filling it with particle board furniture and ugly silk flower arrangements…. I mean really.  Really?

So…. we get off the beaten path and decide to take a spontaneous road trip.  No food, no map, no worries.  Full tank of gas…..beautiful day….. empty truck and 2 eager women with cash in their pockets!  Perfect ingredients for an early Mother’s Day present to ourselves.

Look at the loot we found when we broke away from the herd and went off on an adventure……..  I love days like this!  We met some amazing people, we laughed, we hunted and we conquered!


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