Blessings in Perseverance

My Studio on 12-8-11

My Studio on 12-13-11

After months of planning to have our Holiday Boutique, it was time to roll up sleeves and get busy.  Since I work in my Studio daily, I literally had to wait to the last-minute in order to clear everything out.  I’ve planned all along to paint the floor, re-do the walls, get rid of the ugly lights, etc.  Having this event on the calendar made it a priority….. as work and opening a new business had kept this on the back burner.

As an artist my mind is always designing and decorating the spaces around me.  It’s this blessing of vision, clearly a gift from God, that keeps the wheels spinning and allows me to create.  The frustration comes into play because there are not enough hours in the day to create….. and change….. and build….. and invent and seek out.

There have been so many years in my life where I tried to do it all myself.  I did do it all and it didn’t work.  I could have never reached the point I’m at…. which by the way….. isn’t close to where I’m going…. if I hadn’t surrendered to the fact that it’s not just getting up everyday and working your tail off!

Believe it or not…. this time last year…. I didn’t know I would be here today.  I had been struggling to get out of a bad place in my life.  My relationship with God was in an OK place, but I hadn’t learned to listen! (my mama would agree for sure…. LOL)  Just last Thanksgiving, I didn’t have enough money to buy a turkey to feed my family. Meanwhile, I pressed forward and helped deliver turkeys and all the trimmings to families in need with Wave City Care….. quietly keeping my painful and embarrassing secret.  Thank God I sold a piece of furniture that day and was able to buy groceries.  Did I mention I was driving a BMW? LOL!  Yes, I’ve had a lot of money…… and I’ve lost a lot of money!

I’ve learned that through my blessings, my prayers, my perseverance, my hard work, etc……  that I can’t do it all myself.  Without the obvious help from the Big Man…. I could never accomplish my goals and dreams without my family, my friends and those great people I’ve been fortunate enough to have work with me at CHARTREUSE.

I used to have the mentality of “getting by”.  I didn’t have the understanding that I needed to take risks and hire people I didn’t think I could afford.  I had a hard time asking for help and lacked the confidence to delegate. I’m proud to say that’s no longer my way of thinking.  I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT HELP!  Take a look at the photos.  I did a lot of the work…but so did a few other people. And without their help it would never have happened.  (see the event photos on facebook for the latest look of the studio)



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