French Sheet Music Wreath

I have to tell you I’m pinching myself.  As a lover of French design with a touch of casual….. dreamy….. beachy feel….. I have hit the mother-load recently.  Between the French Chandelier sconces, the mirrored tables, etc….. I’ve been in Heaven!

Now I managed to get my hands on an 1800’s French armoire that is to die for!!!!! And I have another French desk….. an insanely gorgeous Eastlake mirror….

I can’t wait to post photos this week.  Also, the “White Room” is completed…. a little (big) something I’ve been working on for quite awhile!  AND the 2 new sections of CHARTREUSE will be revealed soon as well!

So much going on and so many exciting changes…. WAIT TILL YOU HEAR the line up for our December 15th bash…. releasing this week!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to see more close up shots of some of the new pieces that came in last week….go to our facebook page!

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