Lovin’ life…..

So it’s almost 2 am and I should be asleep.  I passed out early after a long day of working, making decisions, dealing with clients, contractors, etc.   Here I am….wide awake…..planning…..designing…..contemplating…..  I am so excited about this season in my life.  I didn’t even know I really wanted to open another business.  I was happy painting and selling my furniture and working from home.  Who needs all the responsibility?  I’m happy and content, right?  Wrong!  I need more of everything!  And I really don’t like the thought of contentment or complacency.

If you’re like me and love to grow and change and experiment and take chances, you understand what I’m talking about.  I used to think that there was something wrong with me because I redecorated a room too often (according to others) or because I had so many likes and interests.  I am always changing and rearranging the furniture or art on the wall.  I really believed that maybe there was some deep seeded issue of discontentment that kept me from being happy….. even though I was happy!  Why did I always feel the need to change things?  Why couldn’t I be happy with my new and ever-changing favorite color?

I would go to other people’s houses and see the same room…unchanged….as it was before.  How peaceful their life must be without all the chaos of redecorating and remodeling.  I want to be like that……  NOT!  I don’t think everyone should be like me and it’s ok if you are happy with something and want to keep it that way….  What am saying is that I love the life I’ve created…..I love creating…..and re-creating!  Cindy

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